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Services Concept

golden myanmar apex services concept

The concept is to be able to provide the total solutions for the clients.

Total Solutions for enterprises is composed of three main parts, Hardware, Networking, and Service, Support and Consulting.

By integrating all the components needed for enterprise environments, the resulting implementations have seamless interoperability, superior performance, unified support, minimum downtime, and hence improving productivity.

Cyber Security

golden myanmar apex cyber security

Organizations are replying more and more on internet to stay ahead in ever changing world. Cyberspace changes the way we work entirely, breaking the barriers and letting everyone equal change on cpmpetation.

Networks connecting to Cyberspace are facing alot of threats from cyber criminals all over the world. Protecting cyberattacks is protecting the organization's assets.Cybersecurity is the critical part for everyone using ICT technolohies.

GMA is able to provide all aspects of Cybersecurity Solutions, depending on your particular needs. Our Cybersecurity solutions will make your organization safe from attackers, protect your data from theft, and enable to run without distruption.

Server/ Storage/ Networking/ Endpoint

golden myanmar apex server endpoint

As Organizations reply more and more on ICT Technologies, their ICT Infrastructure also needs to grow to match the demanding ICT needs.

ICT Infrastructure, such as Server, Storage, Networking and associated datacenter facilities are to be deployed to match the various organization's business requirements. GMA is able to provide various sizes and capacities of Enterprise ICT Hardware to fullfill your organization's computing needs.

End users also need Endpoints, which includes workstations, desktops, laptops,tablets, and thin and zero clients. GMA is able to provide all kinds of Endpoint computing platforms, as per the end user requirements.

Information Systems

golden myanmar apex information systems

ICT Hardware and Infrastructure is useless, unless it is providing information and intelligence for the users.

Information Systems utilize the ICT Infrastructure, accepts the data feed by users, and generate the required reports, which in turn gives intelligence for the key management personal.

GMA is able to provide the Geographics Information Systems(GIS) solutions, software, and service as per the user's needs.